Life-saving Homeopathic Remedies

March 2, 2018

Homeopathy is extremely powerful. It is an energy medicine and works on the “Law of Similars” – like treating like. It can use toxic substances such as arsenic which in its diluted homeopathic form no longer possesses the toxic properties and actually heals the issues the original source causes! So, for example, the homeopathic arsenicum is used for toxic exposure and food poisoning.

I use herbs and essential oils primarily but below are homeopathic remedies I recommend that everyone have on hand. In the circumstances listed below, I feel that homeopathy really shines. For example, no herb or essential oil will deal so swiftly with a black widow bite like the homeopathic lachesis which is made from the venom of the bushmaster snake. Read my blog on this.

Ideally you would want to get 2 potencies of each remedy – 30C and the more potent 200C. It is best to give the weaker potency of 30C if that will suffice.

  1. Arsenicum album – for food poisoning, stomach bug or toxic exposure. This is made from arsenic. This is my favorite homeopathic remedy. Read how this worked when my husband accidentally served our then 4 year old supper with a side of food poisoning!
  2. Ledum palustre – for mosquito, tick and dog bites, bee stings and puncture wounds. Ledum is made from the Marsh Tea plant.
  3. Arnica – for bumps, bruises,  sprains, fractures, blows to the head, and other injuries. This is probably the best known homeopathic remedy. It is made from the plant arnica which is toxic. Read more about arnica here.
  4. Apis –  for allergic reactions. Made from crushed bee. Click here to see how quickly apis worked on a 14 month old’s allergic reaction to cinnamon.
  5. Lachesis mutans – for snake and spider bites. Lachesis is made from the venom of the bushmaster snake, common in South America. Read my blog on what I believe were 2 black widow bites I got while we prepared the house for hurrricane Irma.
  6. Streptococcinum – for strep throat. This remedy is made from streptococcus. Strep throat can results in serious complications, not just scarlet or rheumatic fever but PANDAS. This has been used very successfully to work with strep throat, and I have also seen this to be the case in my practice.

Recently, my husband traveled to Costa Rica and I made sure arsenicum, lachesis and ledum went with him!

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