My Bio

Like Father, Like Daughter – Dad and me in Savannah

This is the path that led me to where I am today:


I have a degree in International Business from University College Dublin, Ireland. This is the top business school in Ireland. There I developed a love for 2 things – business strategy and Italian. I became obsessed with this theory called the Resource-based view of the firm that I read about in the Harvard Business Review. It postulated that a company should base its future direction based on what it is good at, its core competencies. That should be its primary driving force, while keeping an eye on the direction its industry is evolving. I went on to do my dissertation on this. Basically what I was investigating was NATURE vs NURTURE – what one is the driving force. Little did I know that in 20 years time I would become even more obsessed with it as it relates to little people and what influences their development – their genetics versus the ability of the environment to  influence gene expression through biomedical, behavioral and energy modalities – essentially epigenetics, which is the ability of the environment to influences genes.


I went on to obtain a Master in Strategic Management and Planning from the Michael Smurfit Business School which is recognized as one of the top business schools in Europe. This was my favorite year of learning, I had found my niche – strategy. I was elected class president.

After my masters in Dublin, I went on to do a AMSEC Masters in International Marketing in Rome at the LUISS, the top business school in Italy, primarily because I wanted to keep studying and I loved Italy!

Service Manager

After Italy, I came to the States and worked for one of the largest mutual fund companies in the US for 10 years. In my last years there, I was a Service Manager, and oversaw the efficacy of services that had a half a billion dollars in cash flow annually. Essentially I managed a team that was responsible for the health of these services – go figure!

Like Father, Like Daughter

One of my earliest memories is accompanying my Dad, a scientist, zoologist, author, and lecturer at University College Dublin, to his office and drawing as he did his work. I still remember the distinctive musty chemical smell that odorized the science building. I loved it. My Dad, Dr. Michael Ryan, is one of the smartest people I know. He conducted research at Caltech and the Pasteur Institute in Paris and worked on his book at Harvard. He personifies a walking encyclopedia and makes the most interesting dinner guest! I am like him – an academic by nature and a love for nature.

Looking back, I see that my experiences prepped me with the skills I would one day need to help my daughter and others. To be a researcher who keeps asking why, an analyst, a communicator and an educator. The warrior part, I guess I have always been but I did not know how much that would be tested.

Alternative Health Education

As I talk about in ‘My Story’ I became interested in natural health in 2004 when I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. I am a member of the American Herbalists Guild and an avid researcher of all aspects of natural health. In addition to my own research and listening to countless online talks and seminars by experts, these are the following courses and events I have attended: