Easy Homemade Hand Soap

February 4, 2018

What you’ll need

Dr Bronners castille soap

Witch hazel

Thieves essential oil or Lavender essential oil

Soap dispenser

Water, distilled or boiled is best but filtered will do if using within a few weeks!


  1. Fill half the soap dispenser with Dr Bronner’s castille soap.
  2. For a 8.5 ounce soap dispenser, add 20 drops of Thieves essential oil. For kids under 4 years old, use 20 drops lavender essential oil instead of Thieves.
  3. Add a tablespoon of witch hazel to the soap dispenser. This helps evenly disseminate the essential oil. Confession time – I rarely do this!
  4. Fill the remainder of the dispenser with water.

That’s it – you have homemade non-toxic sanitizing soap! Not only is it a healthier option but you are helping the environment by eliminating plastics –  a win/win scenario!

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